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can not login to my account. help please

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I lost my sim card while travelling abroad. came back and ordered new sim card but now i am not able to login in self serve account or reset password. need help please


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

will try login later. thanks

Mayor / Maire

@HMJ    When was the last time you paid for your account?  If it's been 90+ days then, unfortunately, your account would have been deactivated and number lost.


If it's less than 90 since last payment then submit a ticket via chatbot bubble bottom right of screen to have customer support quickly update your SIM card and allow access to your account.


Edit:  BTW if your account is deactivated, then you can use the new SIM to activate a new number/account.  However, you will be on the new Public Points rewards system as PM has grandfathered the old rewards system as of Jan. 25th/2022.

Mayor / Maire

What kind of error do you get when you try to log in? Incorrect password or something else?

If you try too may times to log in your account will be temporary locked for 1h.

Sometimes using different browser or incognito mode helps to log in with correct credentials.