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ZTE Cymbal 2 -- Cancelling Amber Alert Message

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I recently helped a 97-years old senior purchase a ZTE Cymbal 2 flip phone through PM -- essentially for use in an emergency, and he has settled down with it well.


Recently, he received an Amber Alert which seems to have stuck on his mini screen. He called me for assistance, and I walked him through all the options I could think of, including a reboot, but the message still stays on his mini screen. Per his description, it runs on his screen like a ticker tape, though, without sound. I am not close enough to drive over and resolve the issue physically, hence this post.


My Question. If you have a working knowledge of the ZTE Cymbal 2 flip phone, I'll appreciate your writing the steps, so I can help him remove this ticker tape like Amber Alert message from his screen



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Gee...I sure hope pm can tell the difference? 🤔

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@darlicious Just be aware that the earlier versions of ZTE flip, the model Z222 (Standard SIM), do not receive Amber Alerts due to their 3G limitation. It's the later model, the ZTE Cymbal 2 (Nano SIM). the 4G model that receives and displays Amber Alerts. Both the flip phones look very similar, though. 

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Well this will come in handy if I happen to have a working Sim card in my ZTE flip phone when it gets an amber alert. I had to help my @grumpyneighbour turn off the recent alert ready test that had been going off every 10 minutes on his phone since he couldn't figure out to tap "ok" to dismiss the notification?!! He doesn't answer text messages either.....I'm lucky if he answers the phone!

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Thanks again, @hTideGnow. I think this is the solution, and I say 'think' because I have not been able to get the gentleman to remove the message just yet. And the reason for that is that he has been unable to keep up with the navigation. I spent about 15 mins on the phone with him, but he loses navigation through the various options, and inadvertently landing into messages or camera etc. So, I thought it unfair to burden or stress him anymore. I'll now have to consider driving over to resolve this. A BIG thank you, nonetheless, and stay blessed. 

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@Psygineer. Thanks. Yes, you are right. On 4G phones, which Cymbal 2 is, one will receive Amber Alerts irrespective of one's configuration in the > Settings. 


PS. Earlier, when this gentleman had a 3g ZTE Z222 flip phone, he wouldn't get those Alerts. It's only after switching over to the ZTE Cymbal phone that he encountered this problem. It is unfortunate that he lost his old phone, had to purchase a newer phone/version, and in the bargain start receiving Amber Alerts. 😊


Click on center enter button to bring up menu.

Choose the notifications icon from the menu, using the upper part of the navigation ring.

Select the ticker tape alert notification.

Use the upper navigation ring again to highlight the text message alert. It should turn dark blue color. Press the center enter button to select it.

Then using the lower part of the navigation ring, scroll down to the very bottom of the text message. There you'll see a box to check OK.

Use the center enter button to select OK and add a check mark.

The alert notification message should then go away.

Hope that helps 🙂. Let me know if you need anything else.

HI @sa7375   again, you are not trying to turn it off but just to close/dismiss the notification on the front mini screen?


you tried this to actually dismiss the notification first?



Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

I didn't think you can actually turn them off in Canada as they are legally mandated. Thought they bypassed your settings and just broadcast anyway so long as you are on 4G/LTE or higher. I know if you are on 3G/GSM they do not usually work, but if you are on 4G/LTE mode on your phone (even with a 3G plan) they will come through.

As for turning off the constant message they seem to be experiencing that seems like it won't go away even with restarting the phone, guessing a factory reset is out of the question?


Mild rant follows:

I think it is a very flawed system. It should only go off in areas it is relevant to and not places nearly 2000 km away from the event (there is almost 0% chance they get from say Toronto to a place like Thunder Bay, in 30 minutes, outside of maybe a private jet). It also needs to ensure the information it provides is relevant and working, there have been messages that went out with broken links or without descriptions of the people involved, or alert cancels to alerts that never went out which still used the claxon. I know they want to get the information out as fast as possible but taking an extra 15 seconds to ensure the link works and the description is in it would be more beneficial in finding the kid. I feel like it is just going to lead to it being like a Crying Wolf alarm, one people tend to just ignore or find ways to block because most of the time it isn't relevant to your area or a useless message that doesn't do much to help find the kid, or you are not in a public place so no way to see the people mentioned. For the times it is relevant and the person receiving it is in a position to recognize the individuals with the basic description given and have the ability to help intervene, I hope they have not used a work around to block it and have not become too desensitized to it and that they actually check the alert when it comes out and actually be willing to help. The more they drive people away, the less likely the alert will be effective.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Thanks, @hTideGnow. Sorry, I didn't write it clearly enough: I meant an electronic copy of the User Manual😊

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Thank you, @darlicious. You correctly suggest that (snapshot below), but that's to disable for future. Also, in Canada, one cannot opt out of these Alerts. 

Emerg alerts Cymbal-2.jpg



what is " electronic copy of the Cymbal phone," ?   is it one of those simulators?

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Thank you, @Quigley   Yes, I do, and that's how I help him once in a while over the phone to navigate. Actually, I have an electronic copy of the Cymbal phone, which I consult myself before offering him any assistance. 

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If you can explain over the phone or send an email.....


The alerts setting will be in Messages > Options > Emergency Alerts or something similar.

Try these steps:

  1. From the home screen, press the right soft key to choose Messages.
    • Or, choose Message or Menu > Messaging
  2. Press the left soft key to choose Options then Settings.
  3. Under Wireless Emergency Alerts, choose Receive emergency alerts.
    • You may have to scroll down past many items to find this section
  4. Choose any item to turn it on or off (a checkmark means it's on). You may see these alert types:
    • Extreme Imminent Threat
    • Severe Imminent Threat
    • AMBER Alerts
    • Emergency RMT Messages (required monthly test)
    • Presidential Alerts (can't be turned off)


Here's the online user guide or one can be downloaded as well.

Mayor / Maire

@sa7375   Do you know enough about the phone how to use the center enter button and it's outer navigation ring?

Let me know for more details.