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YouMail app for voicemail due to need to block certain caller

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I would like to have my voice mail removed from my account and have conditional call forwarding enabled to have my calls forwarded to a YouMail number...I would like to know how to set this up, as I continue to need to block a number but have other calls received by a voice mail. I hope this is possible! Please advise, thank you!


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

For anyone running into activation issues I had to use the Montreal numbers by entering/dialing them manually to get Youmail activation to work. The Regina numbers, which were being used with the App’s auto-activation feature after selecting Public Mobile as the carrier, kept returning a “We have a problem” page following the Test call. 


So what ultimately worked for me on my iPhone was setting up my youmail account online, downloading the app, then dialing:




(tapping Dismiss after each one went through), then verifying the activation through the app settings where Youmail calls and you dismiss the call. Everything worked properly after that. There was also instructions at one point in the setup telling you to first disable voicemail through your carrier but I think that’s just confusing and can be ignored.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thank you, this is wonderful information. I am very grateful for you sharing this!

Mayor / Maire

@pdolphinWhen you sign up for a free YouMail account, and you tell them your city and provider (choosing Telus Mobility or Rogers Wireless should be fine) they will give you a local voicemail deposit phone number to use for your conditional call forwarding. In my case I was given a Regina number initially, but using their Montreal number also works fine, and since Public Mobile allows call forwarding to any Canadian number, as long as it works it doesn't matter.


For example, their Regina deposit number is 306-988-1580, and their Montreal number is 438-800-2666.


There are three types of "conditional" call forwarding - all of which by default end up at public mobile's voicemail service, but you can reconfigure these together or individually to direct unanswered/unavailable/declined calls elsewhere. If you wanted to set unanswered calls, and calls while your phone is off or out of the service area to go to YouMail, and calls that you have blocked in your phone app, or manually decline to a "dead-end" instead of your voicemail, dial the codes like this:


*61*4388002666# - Unanswered calls to YouMail

*62*4388002666# - Calls when your phone is out of coverage area, airplane mode, or off to YouMail

*67*3063370005# - Calls from numbers blocked by your phones dialer app or manually declined get the announcement "Sorry, this number is equipped for outgoing calls only.". Another option is using 0000000000 which will result in a fast busy or call failure for the caller.


You can reset each of these individually back to default Public Mobile voicemail service by dialing any of ##61# ##62# or ##67#, or all three at once by dialing ##004#


With all that said, if you are fine with Public Mobile voicemail service and ONLY want blocked callers to never reach your voicemail, just use the *67*3063370005# code by itself. YouMail and the other codes are not necessary.


I hope this gives you a good start on fun with conditional call forwarding!

Mayor / Maire

Block a number? Just one......use call block. 

Mayor / Maire


Here's a link to one of @Nezgar 's posts explaining how you can use Youmail for your situation. They also include links to some of their other threads on how to use your voicemail, call forwarding options and other helpful tips when it comes to these options. They have done a lot of research and testing to be able to confirm many of these things for the rest of the community and we appreciate all the hard work and time they put into their posts.

@pdolphin    I believe another user @Nezgar has mentioned using YouMail in previous threads and might be able to offer some further suggestions.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Ok thank you! I have been using this code and it works is just that no-one can use voicemail and I had hoped I could change that with YouMail...but I guess not.

Thank you.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


to "disable" voicemail, on your dial pad dial: *004*8080000000#
This will cause all calls to either ring forever or get fast busy at the point they normally would have been diverted to the voicemail system.

To reset it back to defaults, dial ##004#


but not possible forwarding voicemail.