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Wifi Calling Addon?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi there, My office recently got moved into a basement where I have no cell signal and I quickly realized that PM does not offer Wifi Calling. I understand it is about trying to force you to move to a higher tier provider or whatever, but why not make it an addon at least? I'd chip in a couple extra bucks to enable that feature at this point and not have to deal with the hassle of changing providers. 


Mayor / Maire

Yup. And I would chip in a couple extra bucks for a bucket of texts for my limited texts plan. Or the same as you like for VoLTE. Good luck.

Leave your phone upstairs. Have another phone connected to wifi and get a voip app on it. Forward the upstairs phone to your voip number. Now you can answer calls downstairs. A voip app might be able to spoof a number (yours) to look like your number called the recipient. Otherwise it would be that voip number calling out.

Mayor / Maire

@wryder   Sorry, PM is Tier 3 provider and only provide very basic service.  No Wif-Calling or VoLTE add-on


As a workaround, why don't you get a VoIP app like Fongo or TextNow.  You will get a new 10 digits number from them.  Then what you can do is to setup Forward when not reachable to your VoIP app.  In that case, your VoIP app will ring (as long as you are connected to Wifi or Mobile Data) and you won't miss the call 

Mayor / Maire

PM does not provide WiFi calling.

You can always suggest that to PM through contacting agent.

Mayor / Maire



1. You can buy an antenna...not sure how they work...or what one would work.


2. Leave phone upstairs and link it to a Panasonic link2cell Phone Set and have an extension Panasonic Phone in basement. A 2 set purchase would do for you. But read up on it first. 


3. Get a account. There are so many  options, programable by you, with 


Do do you need both inbound and outbound calling?