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Why is public mobile so cheap

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I’ve recently switched from Bell to Public mobile. I’ve been saving over $60 a month for a very similar plan that I had with Bell. How is public mobile so cheap? How can they make enough money when all the other phone companies are charging soooooo much more??!!


Mayor / Maire

No Call-center or Live Help person. Just us Community Forum contributors. Faster than Call centers and no elevator music to listen to.

Mayor / Maire

No call centre

Keep cutting costs - recently revised rewards program 

Lower cost plans are on throttled LTE to 3g

All on line -- no commissions for setting up an account 

Website has bugs...and won't be fixed. 

$15 plan is based on a CTRC ruling. 

Referrals allow growth 

The biggest problem right now is easy access to buy a SIM card reasonably close and the online ordering takes too long to ship. 

Mayor / Maire

PM is no frills mobile provider.

There is no live support. Most issues are resolved by free help from customers like yourself. Only account related issues are handled by agent though personal mail.

Since PM is using Telus network coverage is great and reliable.

But if you have an issue with service getting help might be frustrating.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@hughdyment9 It just shows you how much the other companies including Bell ,Telus ,Rogers rips people off

Mayor / Maire

hi @hughdyment9 ,  Yes, because PM is part of Telus, sharing some system from Telus. 


But , honest,Telus, Bell and Rogers all have a Tier 3 service providers and running similar plan, similar price


The biggest difference, could be another way to save some money is that they don't have a live support liine.  Their support is fully online and they rely on Community support as the first level support.  I think they allows them to hire not as many support staff, which saved some cost


Mayor / Maire

Ever try to hire a contractor @hughdyment9 ?  It pays to shop around in nearly most situations and know what your options are. You've made it here, so that was likely a good money saving decision on your part. 😃

Mayor / Maire


The top tier cell companies (Telus, Bell, Rogers) have all the bells and whistles.

The mid tier cell companies owned by the top tiers (Koodo, Virgin, Fido) are reasonable.

The lower tier cell companies also owned by the top tier (Public, Lucky, Chatr) are bare bones and charge for additional options.

Mayor / Maire

Plus you can knock down your bill further with rewards/points or purchase things for free with points (such as add ons etc)  while the new rewards system is far inferior to the old system it is still better than any other carrier from my experience. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

You lose some features: Wi-Fi calling, VoLTE, etc, you may not use them though, but when time comes and you do need them it might be a surprise.

No live support, basically you need to figure out your concerns within this community