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Why is my rewards not showing up on my next bill?

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

I did not opt into public points. I am still on the old rewards system. When I checked rewards it shows what I am going to get.


when I go into my account it doesn’t show I’m getting any rewards. I tried all of the steps that normally fix this type of website issue (laptop, incognito mode, force refresh, clear cache etc) and it’s still not showing me getting any rewards.


And it was showing all the way to today earlier. It’s just not showing now. What’s going on? 


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@dust2dust Yeah, earlier today it was showing my rewards I was going to get. Now it shows nothing. Just my promo plan without any rewards at $39 when ealier today it was showing $32 with my rewards 

Mayor / Maire

The payments screen should show you all the current, pending rewards due to you on the next renewal and calculate your amount owing. Is that what you're looking at?

Mayor / Maire


The rewards ONLY  get applied to your bill on renewal date, not before.

You have to go to the rewards portal to see all rewards your going to get.  Go to the rewards portal and you'll see your rewards and plan cost together there.


Your My Account, won't show you any of your  rewards your going to get.  The old system, showed rewards there though.

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