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Want to switch to the $19 3 gig 90 day plan

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

It doesn't appear as an option in my account.  Can you please help me to change to it.  Am I in the right place.

It's the $19 ULCA BASE Plan-1GB-4G


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


Don't bother wasting your time contacting an agent to request a switch to the $21 new activation plan. It took me 3 weeks to get a response during the recent backlog for an agent to respond to me yesterday. They absolutely refused to switch me from my current $15 plan to the $21 3 GB plan. When I pointed out to them that PM made a switch for me to a new activation boxing week deal in January, they told me that was a one-time exception. Good luck.

@proplayer444   Yes I realize you wanted the 90 day plan although you quoted "It's the $19 ULCA BASE Plan-1GB-4G" which actually is available to existing customers when logged in to your account, as I mentioned.  You could switch to that with "change on renewal" and see if anything better comes up in the meantime.  It's common practice with carriers to offer special deals to new customers, irritating though that might be to existing ones.  

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

It was the 3 gig 90 day plan. I don't understand how they can only allow this for new customers.  It's ridiculous.  Heres a great plan but you can't have it because you are already paying us monthly.  WTH.  Not right.  Of course leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  Because now I need to port out and back in and pay that cost and time to complete it.   

Mayor / Maire

@proplayer444  You should see the $19 1GB 4G plan when you log in to your account but it's not advertised so not shown in the Shop section like the one with a 90 day version.  The $19 plan available to current members does not have a 90 day version as far as I know.

Mayor / Maire

@proplayer444  which offer do you want? You have mentioned two different ones. Everyone has access to the $19.00 1GB offer when you sign into your account its there. 

The other offer for $21.00 or $19 for 90 days is for new activations only. They will not switch you to it. I asked and they said no. I escalated to a 'manager' who also turned me down flat yesterday. 

I'm on the original $15 from way back when, looking to upgrade not downgrade. 

Not worth your time asking anymore.

Getting something is better than nothing, as no other companies have this program; but I'm so disgusted with Public Mobile.  Unfortunately,  where to go? Eventually they all do the same thing once they rope you in.


Mayor / Maire


Unfortunately, the $19 for 90 days is for new members and not for existing members.

Others have tried getting a CS_Agent to help them switch over but they are very strict that it is for new activations only.

Mayor / Maire

@proplayer444  Sorry it’s only for new activations , some have had luck asking support to get the new activation plans . Buts it’s 50-50 chance 

submit ticket with support . using the chat bubble bottom right of screen 



If that doesn’t work you can always send  direct  private message to support .

send  a  private message   To CS_Agents

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