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WOW: How many logins do we need?

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Ok so lets start with this...


I manage all of my family lines, had 5 and recently dropped one so now for my wife and kids I have 4.


This means...


4 Control Panel logins


4 NEW reward logins


4 Community logins


OMG even if I only have 1 line that is 3 logins and a pretty sad state of affairs.


I won't even get into the fact that instead of a drop down menu I have to log out and back in for every account. The control panel clearly shows a dropdown to select phone number, there is no reason Public should not be able to combine the accounts.


This is crazy, I need a password manager just to manage public and by separating the rewards it ads another login which we absolutely did not need.


All I can say is we have jobs and lives, logging in to get account information should not be this difficult.


Mayor / Maire

Each account is unique. Same as your bank account. Can you manage your wife's account (unless you have power of attorney or joint account) logging into your personal account??? I do not think so.

Use password manager as Roboform, for example. I have more than 150 id/pass there and could not live without it.

If you would have access to your wife's account then one day we would have a question 'my hubby is messing with my account, please help me to stop him'.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

You dont need four logins for community. you can work with one. When you need to get something done and you get a URL to verify you then choose that Email id and password what you have registered the phone number in question with. Thats what I am doing with my multiple lines and only one community account.



I manage 8 accounts for my family using only one community account.  I use the login for the account need support by CSA to create support ticket.


Agree with you about the extra login for the rewards/points account.


@J_PM  It will be nice to link the self-serve account and the reward account similar to the Telus Rewards system.  There is no separate login for the Telus Rewards system when I am already in the Telus self-serve account.

@computergeek541 wrote:

@dabr wrote:


Rewards can be accessed via the self serve account on the top right of the overview page (Go To) as well without needing to login again.

Doing this still requires the customer to log in again. Both clickable links point to an identical website address too.

Yes, I keep getting error/maintenance message when trying to toggle to My Rewards.



Apples and oranges. 


The wife example represents 2 people with 2 different accounts. 


This (here) is 1 person,  with 4 logins.  Self serve, community, store,  rewards


CONSOLIDATE  please,  Public Mobile.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@KamWest, if you have a gmail account you can use the same one for all your phone accounts.


Here's what I mean in an example:

I have 4 accounts - me, my wife, my son, my daughter

My gmail account is

I would use these email addresses for my phone accounts:


All email correspondence will go to your account and be separated by the header of the email.  In this example, you're really only using one email account to administer 4 phone accounts.  This is a feature of gmail that comes in very handy in situations like this. 


If you want to log in and purchase an add-on for your son, just use to log into your son's account.  Also, using a password manager will really help, as mentioned by @Yummy  


I hope this helps.