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Using the data add on

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


I believe Public Mobile gave me lots of data add on but I don't know how to use it. 

My plan currently give me 50 GB and I never use all of them. 

Should I switch to the cheapest plan to use the promotion?

Is it safe to do so? I don't want to loose connection when I need it on the road 



its free data ! Just turn OFF your wifi and use data for all your web browsing. It won't cost you anything other than your regular plan renewal costs. Once your 150 days of free data has run out...I would suggest you have a look at your actual data needs. If you don't really need / use 50 GB's data...why have that plan ? PM has plans with many different data allotments. Maybe you can save some $$ on a plan with less data.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Omg this is suck, I never used up all of my plan =((((((((


Go Canucks Go

@hTideGnow wrote:

HI @fixin 

I guess Netflix and disney+ will see unusual high usage from PM network in the next 150 day..🤣😂

Watch the Canucks on my cellphone rather than my 55" dolby stereo tv.   😏

HI @fixin 

I guess Netflix and disney+ will see unusual high usage from PM network in the next 150 day..🤣😂

Mayor / Maire


if you do change to a lower value WILL lose that free Bonus Data. Use up all that free gift of data that you can for the next 150 days.

clipped from Help Files...

Will I lose my special bonus data if I switch plans?

The bonus data will remain active unless your account becomes inactive, you switch to a plan of lower value or to an incompatible plan.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@TranMinhThao - Since @hTideGnow and @Meow said it, I will say that this is how to use your plans data most efficiently.

  1. Stream Movies
  2. Download large files
  3. Speedtests.

Mayor / Maire

HI @TranMinhThao 

the additional data will kick  in after you regular 50GB are used.  

Sorry, you cannot downgrade the plan. There is a clause that if you downgrade it, that bonus data will be gone.  

And remember, the data bonus only good for 150 days

Mayor / Maire

Your loyalty bonus data will be used AFTER you exhaust your plan's data.

Meaning, if you never use all your plan data allowance you will never touch bonus data.
I suggest you try to do what you usually do not do with phone's data if you really want to use bonus data.

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