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Updating my address

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I tried to update my address on my profile, but it doesn't accept it and says it invalid. I'm sure the address is correct.


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Not a must to have your address - try inputing your school or work address. PM will never sent you paper.


@MarNou , have you tried updating your address using the app?  I have only been able to do it successfully using the app with location permission enabled.  I have found the system to use location to verify your entry and offer up the verified address for selection.  No matter how accurate your entry is, the system will not accept it unless it's verified.  Unfortunately, the location verification function is super finicky.  If you try enough times using the app with location permission enabled, it will eventually work.  

Mayor / Maire


as long as it's just your address is changing, no need to update. IF you're moving to a different province, that is another matter.

Mayor / Maire

hi @MarNou 

did you try to slowly enter your address and let the lookup to find it?

if that does not work , I would just enter another address, your work address, your family address, etc.  PM is prepaid and they don't really care your address anyway

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