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Unable to log into my Public Mobile account from my phone

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

When I go to login to My Account from my phone I get the message 'email and password do not match'. I have now reset my password three times and still cannot login on the phone. This is ONLY on the phone?!? When I login on the desktop it will let me login no problem. Please help as this was very annoying during a recent trip. I could not purchase additional US data because I only had the phone with me and I didn't have access to a computer.


Mayor / Maire

Just tried to log in and no issues at all. I guess you use the same email/pass on computer and app? Maybe little phone's keyboard makes you make a typo?

Maybe you should try to clear cache or even uninstall and install app again?

You can open a ticket with agent if this continues.


@MsBeeGee if you were using the PM app to login, uninstall the app and also clear app (browser )cache of your default browser on the phone, then reboot and reinstall PM app

if you were using browser, just clear clear app (browser) cache, then reboot and reinstall PM app


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