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US roaming works

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I would like to understand how US roaming works. it says 15 days Add-ons, but I believe it won't expire my subscription or plan right ?

And it should not get activated automatically whenever I am in the US. How about International roaming other than the US like India? How do I need to activate the plan for international roaming?




PM only has roaming support in US and no where else 

The 15 days expiry is for the US roaming part, it is on top of your regular service.

The 15 days countdown starts the moment the add-on is purchased, so buy closer to the beginning of the trip 

To use roaming, make sure your mobile roaming data is turned on on your phone and make sure your phone connects to T-Mobile/AT&T/Verizon network.  Manually connect to those networks if needed 

Mayor / Maire

@cybersadiq  The add on is independent of your subscription, it lasts 15 days from the time you purchase it.  Once your 15 days is up it is done.  There is no international roaming other than the USA.  If you're likely to be in the US off and on frequently you might be better off getting the $34 50GB Canada-US plan.

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