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US cellular data

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have 50 GB data Canada US. However when landed here yesterday I have full connection but no data at all. Roaming is on. I fell like cheated. I can only connect to Internet via Wi-Fi  


Mayor / Maire

It is very frustrating to use PM 'service' in USA.

It looks like you need complex algorithm to determine what has to be on, which provider to use, stand on lift leg while waving right hand holding your phone in your mouth.

WHY people bother with US service at all? Are you SO important you HAVE to be on-line and connected while in USA?
Use free voip app as free wifi is everywhere. Is you Really have to be connected chose more reliable company. You will pay way more but you cannot have both - reliable service and low price.

Mayor / Maire

If you're connected to Verizon, it won't work. If you're connected to AT&T 5G, if won't work. Only T-Mobile 5G or 4G and AT&T 4G will work.

Best to set your phone to 4G/LTE preferred. And if automatic doesn't connect you to T-Mobile or AT&T, you can manually connect to one of them.

And of course turn data roaming on in your settings, which it sounds like you already did.

For phone calls to work you'll need a VoLTE compatible phone, but this doesn't impact data or text:

Mayor / Maire

HI @satchmo 

no cheat, just need some settings tweaks

make sure you change the network mode to 4G or LTE , not 5G

and manually connect to both T-Mobile and AT&T and check both and see which one works.  You might need to change it back and forth if you don't get as good a connection if you are in another city or so

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