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US Roaming: Talk Text Data NOT WORKING!

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I subscribed to the $50 US-Canada unlimited talk & text plus 40GB data a couple of months ago. It worked fine in Canada. I could call the United States. Now we are travelling through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Oklahoma and now New Mexico. Our subscription does not work at all, neither talk, text or data. As a last resort, we purchased the US data add-on and can use "this data". We also purchased the US roaming talk & text add-on but that did not make any difference. We still cannot call or receive calls. On the screen there is no name of the cell service provider here in the United States. so, summing up, nothing of our original plan works even though it was supposed to be Canada-US and from the 2 add-ons we purchased, only the data seems to work. WHAT IS GOING ON??????? What is wrong with this subscription? It needs to work in more than just Canada. If this is the way it's going to be, I may as well just get a US Sim Chip that is good for all of North America!


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I tried a bunch of stuff and now the phone is working but I cannot lock it down to what I did that made the phone work. The carrier still does not appear in the upper left corner as is normal. Only the time is there. I may be back to you for help if it stops working. Thank You!

Mayor / Maire

OR .... turn on your device's ROAMING setting,  @Warden 



Critical part to US roaming depends on T-Mobile/AT&T coverage and whether you can connect successfully onto either network.

If the phone is not connecting to T-Mobile/AT&T, change the Network Connection from Automatic to Manual and select and test both T-Mobile and AT&T and see which one you can connect.

With data issue, make sure your Roaming Mobile data is enabled and you have disabled your mobile data limiter.  Also change your network mode to 4G (and don't try 5G until you can connect and works on 4G)

With your voice issue, make sure VoLTE is enabled on the device setting.  And if it does not work, try to change the Network to T-Mobile ONLY, and change  Preferred Network Type or Network Mode to 2G and see if the calls go through.
Also, you can download VoIP app TextNow as a workaround to make calls and text if you have Wifi or if your roaming has data component and data  is working

Mayor / Maire

HI @Warden 

is roaming data enabled?

and did you try both T-Mobile and AT&T? which one you can connect to?


Mayor / Maire

@Warden  Ensure you have data roaming turned on in your phone settings and that phone is set to LTE and your connected to TMobile or AT&T

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