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US Roaming - NYC

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I'm currently in NYC and have US roaming add-ons enabled (1GB Data and Unlimited Talk & Text add-ons). Roaming settings also work.


Talk works, SMS does not work, Internet worked in Bangore and Boston, but does not in NYC. Roaming settings for voice and data are ON.


Things I have attempted :

I have attempted to switch APNs to the old one and it makes location services work, but both disables voice and internet (It gives me partial TMobile 2G connectivity)


Attempting to scan and manually connect to TMobile 4G gives me network denied.




Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

For anyone planning on using US roaming in NYC, I can confirm having no issues with the data-only roaming package on T-Mobile LTE. This package works for me as I don't need to make or receive voice calls. Messaging apps running on data is what I use to get in touch with people. Just be conscious of how much data you use. It goes faster than you think!

@Almisami wrote:

They shouldn't be selling a data add-on if they only have 2G EDGE connectivity on their American partner's side...

@Almisami   no , you got it mixed up

The roaming data add-on will work well in both AT&T and T-Mobile LTE network.  The coverage is not bad

Only the voice roaming is the one harder to get, but still it is backed up by T-Mobile 2G network and it has a decent coverage ( .  PM is still selling it because it tries to get people connected.  In the case that you cannot get decent connection to voice or data, PM is always willing to give some kind of compensation depends on the situation.   When you are back in Canada, open ticket with them and discuss with them about your experience

So you have set your phone to 2G-only and calling works? Then what happens if you switch back to normal LTE (4G/3G/2G)? Then does data and text work?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

They shouldn't be selling a data add-on if they only have 2G EDGE connectivity on their American partner's side...

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

While switching to 2G EDGE is how I have recovered calling functionality, I still have no data access on 4G through T-Mobile, only location services.

Mayor / Maire

Nothing else you can do as US add-ons provide spotty service in US due to shutting down of 3G.



Unfortunately, the issue with Public mobile US roaming at the present time is the decommissioning of 3G Networks in the USA.  Public mobile uses AT&T and T mobile as their US partner carriers.  AT&T already phased out 3G network earlier this year. T mobile 's date was July 1.  It may take time for the different areas in USA to decommissioned. 


According to Public mobile,

PM will have T mobile 2G network for US roaming.

Voice and SMS text will still work. 

Data will work on LTE, but will switch over to 2G to make a call. 

However, the quality of service will vary depending on the different coverage areas when roaming in the USA.


Public mobile is working on a long term solution (ie. VoLTE), but that will take time.


Here is some more info:


Maybe in different areas of New York, you will get better reception.  


A few basic trouble shooting advice:

Reboot phone

Network reset of phone

Try to manually select Tmobile 2G Network.  

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