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US Addon

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

US Addon data not working for my samsung flip 4 as well as my wife's iPhone 12. I have the 15 day addon and tried both manual and auto connect to the carriers.


@Lu1969   On the iPhone it is Settings - Cellular - Cellular Data Options - Voice and Data - LTE.  Should be something similar in the Flip.  Also try T-Mobile since 5G usually works on that carrier.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

The flip 4 does have 5g. I have the $30 addon. I receive texts sparingly. trying to manually connect 4g but can't seem to figure out how

Mayor / Maire

@Lu1969   Do you have data roaming turned on?   I don't know the flip 4 but is the iPhone set at 5G?  If it is drop it to 4G/LTE.  You've tried both AT&T and T-Mobile and neither works?    You have the $30 add on and not the $15 which doesn't include data?  Or do you have a US data only add on?

Edited to add, looks like the Flip 4 does have 5G?  If so then make sure it is trying to connect at 4G/LTE especially on AT&T since 5G doesn't work for PM roaming on that carrier.

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