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Two at a time. Roaming and forwarding.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


I'm traveling to Mexico and I is a must for me to have access to my SMS, for what I know, unfortunately we still do not have a roaming service in Mexico, at least I cannot find it in the self service, my questions and requests are:

1.- Is there any way I can have my SMS forwarded to another number (US number) or have them available via web?. To stress out this, I will be traveling to Mexico with my PM number. I have an Android device. Samsung Note 8.

2.- Is there any way for the people in charge of improving PM services, to make this possible and create a service (Add on) for roaming in Mexico and if possible worldwide?. Please keep for yourself all the comments like: we are under other company's umbrella and/or any other bureaucratic comment (I'm an IT guy and I've been working for several Telephony companies for more than 10 years). Please, can someone in here make it happen, and please do not be shy for the fare you will charge. I think, we deserve (and it is time) to have a more competitive company in terms of roaming. No hard feelings, I do not really care if these comments/requests hurt other's companies feeling (pocket).

Sorry if any of my comments seem rude, but I cannot believe after so many years (myself and other people in this community) asking for this, we do not have any kind of roaming, other than US.




Sorry, but Public Mobile does not offer forwarding of text messages.

Mayor / Maire


I would suggest TextNow, just let everybody know your allternative number

Totally free texting and USA Canada calling, you can reach for free many other numbers including some Mexican numbers


Another thing you could do also is to leave your phone with somebody here and they can forward everything I've a day to your alternating number. 


Thereare also apps that will forward texts, but you have to leave your phone plugged here and running, it's great if you have somebody you trust who can check on your phone from time to time and restart if needed

Mayor / Maire

That's the thing about the budget carries they give very affordable basics, if they don't offer it it means they can't have affordable deal, Just expanded the long distance, but if you take a closer look you see that they couldn't negotiate the same prices, they had to group them differently.

People who do this end up paying over 100 for a week or 10 days with the big 3. That just doesn't really fit a provider like this.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@carloscmd  I'll second TextNow as your only cost effective option. As long as you are on wifi, or a Mexican data SIM, you'll have free calling & texting. 
You could have even forward your PM number there before you leave to also pickup voicemail. I use Fongo that way but their outgoing SMS is not free. 

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Do you use an iPhone?  If so, use the Text Message Forwarding function. 

For this , you will need an extra iPhone to leave at home plugged in with your PM SIM card inside.  It can be any old iPhone with iOS 8 or higher (I use an old iPhone 4s).  Since both iPhones are using the same Apple ID, all messages show up on both phones (including SMS texts and iMessages) and you can reply from either phone.


I can also vouch for TextNow.  Set up a free number, then just before you leave Canada, call forward your PM number to your TextNow number.  This way people can still call on your PM number but it will ring on your TextNow app on your phone.

Mayor / Maire

I second TextNow

If you have relatives or friends on usa who could get your TextNow sim you may be able to use it in Mexico for free as well. You may need CDMA phone too, those are not very common around here. According to their coverage map lots of Mexico is covered, and it looks like you may get away with it once when you come back at least in some areas. I guess wherever sprint would have roaming deal here



Mayor / Maire

@carloscmd  No, but here is an alternative if you travel to US, Mexico, Canada one number no roaming unlimited minutes, texts and pick your data requirement.


If you wait for PM to offer roaming to Mexico your going to have to wait a long time.

Mayor / Maire

yo! @carloscmd 

there is an android app called "sms forwarder" by frzinapps. check the play store. 


there is a good chance you will need to leave the pm sim card in Canada to be able to stay on the network

@gpixel4 wrote:

yo! @carloscmd 

there is an android app called "sms forwarder" by frzinapps. check the play store. 


there is a good chance you will need to leave the pm sim card in Canada to be able to stay on the network

Yes, the Public Mobile SIM card would have to be in a power-on compatible phone connected to the network in Canada.  Any such forwarding app would simply be sending an outgoing text message to the number that is designated.  Unfortunately, this also means that the customer would not have use of the phone number to arrange for a friend to provide a drive from the airport.