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Traveling out of country 90 days

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Hi, Could anyone clarify if I can temporarily put an account on suspend by stopping auto pay for the maximum 90 days, then while in the US insert a Mint Mobile SIM card using the same phone and phone number with out messing up PM account reactivation when returning home?
(Mint Mobile has a special $15. p/mo for 3 mos.)


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Do remember to take off the autopay if you have one setup.


renew your account close to 85-88 days and your account will be active again.


you can use mint SIM with US number if the frequencies of MINT align with your device.


when you are back in Canada, just swap your PM SIM.

Mayor / Maire


You may find this additional info handy....


Options for your account and service....


  1. You can turn off autopay and allow the account to suspend at the of your current 30 day cycle but this is your least advantageous option. Pay and reactivate by day 85 or so.
  2. If you have an account balance that exceeds your plan amount then you need to suspend via the lost/stolen feature in your account before midnight eastern on the evening of your renewal. Then on day 85 or so resume your service to pay and reactivate.
  3. Suspending via lost/stolen before midnight eastern will keep your voicemail active allowing you retrieve voicemail and any verification sent by phone calls. However your rewards will not be applied to your account. Moderator/CSA contact after paying and reactivating is necessary to have the rewards applied manually. Mint mobile has unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico so you could easily check your voicemail.
  4. Voicemail can be accessed by calling your pm number from a different phone by calling your phone # and pressing * once connected and entering your 4 digit voicemail pin #.
  5. If you don't have an account balance or enough balance to cover your plan amount you can suspend via lost/stolen after midnight but before 2 am eastern on the day of your renewal. Once your rewards have been applied (usually by 12:15 am et) then suspend your account. Voicemail access will be lost using this method.
  6. Switching to the $15 plan** with rewards helping to cover a partial or full amount of your plan allows you to call forward your pm number to your fongo number. Be sure to perform all call forwarding while in Canada. Now any incoming calling to your pm number will ring thru to your fongo number while on wifi or mobile data (w/a local or global sim card or in your case a mint mobile sim card) You can access your fongo voicemail for all voicemail messages.

**If you are on a grandfathered plan or have a specific promotion tied to your plan like the current 2GBBONUS of bonus reoccurring plan data you will lose your plan and/or your bonus data or promotion if your change rate plans and will not get it back. Proceed with caution if you choose this method. Consult with the community first before changing plans.


Most important mark on your calendar day 85 of your suspension and day 90. Do not forget when you must unsuspend your account via lost/stolen and/or pay and reactivate your service so you don't lose your phone number and account. Happy travels!

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I can relate about the typing on the phone…one finger no less! Lol Thanks for your help.
Would you happen know if when reactivating your account it starts to bill from that new date ie 5 days in advance, or reverts to billing from your original account date before suspension?

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Thanks so much for your suggestion to use Text Now while away…that worked brilliantly!

Mayor / Maire

 @Eister : Reactivating after your prior plans' 30 days expiration and before the 90 days will start a whole new 30 day term.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Do you know if they pick up from your old billing date…ie 22nd. or does renewal trigger a new contract date ie 15th… if that’s the 7 days in advance to avoid cancellation.

Mayor / Maire

 @Eister : There is no billing data here. It's a 30 day term. The renewal date "floats" up the days of the month as the months go by. When you reactivate, it will start a new 30 day term.