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Transferring an existing phone number

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin



I have just ordered a SIM card. When it arrives, I'll want to keep my existing phone number. My service at the moment is with a corporate account and through Bell. I'm retiring at the end of the month. I'm wondering if that complicates the transfer process.


Thank you


Mayor / Maire


you could take a new number temporarily to test drive your PM service. Once it's stabilized and working to your satisfaction...initiate a port of your old number. Just make sure old number stays active until you do the port.

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@embate If your number is owned by a corporate account, you'll need to contact the administrator for that account to see if they can give permission for you to transfer that number from the account.  I'm not sure how Bell operates, if you attempt to port the number without this permission being given it may prevent you from porting the number.  Technically the company does own the number and would need to grant you permission to take the number from their pool of numbers.


Depending on the size of the company I doubt they would give you the corporate account number for Bell.

Mayor / Maire

@embate you need to first make sure your office agree sto let you transfer the number and marked that  on the account


Also, get the acciunt number of your account on the current provider 


And confirm your number is eligible to port into PM:


When ready, activate your account at  You will request to Transfer your exiting number instead of picking a new number.  Please provide your current phone number and the account number of the old provider as the porting info.


Once activation completed , still have the old provider sim card in your phone.  Your old provider will send you a SMS and ask your permission for the porting.  You need to reply YES within 90 mins for the porting to complete


Once replied yes, you can put your PM sim card in a phone and wait for incoming calls to come.  Reboot your phone ever 30 mins and test incoming call from another line.  If incoming call reaches your PM sim card, then the Porting is completed