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Top up voucher has extra dollar fee.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I wanted to avoid that greedy credit card processing fee so I went to buy vouchers with cash and now they are charging an extra $1.00 for each top up voucher you buy. Was ready to dump this carrier just for the principal of it but they are all doing it now.


Mayor / Maire


RTP (real time payments) or instant top ups have a $1 fee and online payment vouchers have a surcharge % amount that varies by retailer and can be as high as 28%. charges a reasonable 7.5% surcharge making it knew of the best options for low $$ amount vouchers needed in a hurry.(ie. $5 voucher+$0.38 (7.5%)=$5.38+tax.


Additional info on vouchers can be found in the voucher catalogue...


Along with updates found here....


And info on here...

Mayor / Maire


Only the top tier Telus and mid tier Koodo are charging a CC fee.

So far PM is not charging a fee.

Mayor / Maire

@b52  I'd agree that it sounds like you used instant top up voucher which other users have mentioned charge $1 fee but regular vouchers don't (AFAIA) don't yet.  Online vouchers also charge a fee and it's been mentioned that has the lowest fee, most likely less than a dollar based on the purchase amount, perhaps.


If you have a Debit Visa or Debit MC (can confirm BMO Debit MC works), then add that as your payment card to avoid excessive fees.

Mayor / Maire

@b52 There is currently NO credit card processing fess for paying by Credit card on Public Mobile.    You are save your $1 by using credit card to pay


As to voucher, most stores DO NOT charge extra.  Were you using Instant Top up? I know Instant Top up has a charge