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To find email address in my account

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Can I find my email address for my account Community?


Mayor / Maire


To find the email address for this Community, click on your avatar on the top right of this page then My Settings.

For your account, login to your account and go the the Profile section.

Mayor / Maire

The email address registered for your self-serve account is under your profile tab in the self-serve portal

The email address for your community account is under your avatar, in my settings


Users can change their own community account email, however, require customer support agent assistance to change the self-serve email




@Jefflin , are you referring to the email address for the community?  If so, then yes.  Just click on your community avatar on the upper right corner and see various menu settings for your community account.  If you happen to use the same email address for the online account, then that too is your online account email.  Some people like myself use a different email address for the online accounts and so the community email address is not reflective of the online account email address.