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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

May I keep my account and rewards if I cancel my plan for a few months?


Mayor / Maire

@lxw2005    How long have you been a PM customer and are you on the old rewards or on points system? 


If on the old rewards, then those would be lost if you port out your number and would need to start a new activation which would be on the new points system.  If on the new points and you have some accumulated points, then, again, those would be lost by porting out but that may not be as a great a loss as losing old rewards.


Suspending the account by either disabling autopay or putting into Lost/Stolen mode if you carry an account balance equivalent to your payment would be the best policy to not lose any rewards (except for the suspended period), especially if on the old rewards.   You just need to set a reminder to make a manual payment/take off Lost/Stolen and resume service on about 85/86th day of the 90 days of suspension in order not to have the account/number deactivate.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thanks for your help, and I am just wondering if the VoIP can use my number and receive verification codes.


@lxw2005 you can certainly port the number out and port back in later.  But when you are back, you will need to activate new account with new sim card and on the new Public Points rewards system 


Why not use local data sim card from where you go?  it will be cheaper and more data.  Download an VoIP app like TextNow and you can make and receive calls and text for free while you are on local mobile data or wifi

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thanks for your solution. That is really a great idea, and thank you for your very clear and detailed explanation. Here I have one more further question: May I transfer my number to another provider who offers a better deal when I'm traveling  abroad, and I will port the number back to PM because probably I need the number in this period?

Mayor / Maire



You can keep alive your account but it needs a bit of work


 PM only allows the account to be suspended for 90 days or your account will be permanently closed and you will loss the number


So, your option is to temporary suspend the account and reactivate for 30 days before the 90 days deadline


Here is what you can do (assuming your Available fund = $0)

  1.  First, change plan to $15 plan (to reduce the cost to keep you number)
  2.  Then disable pre-Authorized payment from Payment page
  3.  On the next renewal date, since pre-authorized payment is disabled, it won't be renewed.   
          Make note of that day 1 of the suspension date
  4.  VERY IMPORTANT.   Come back at around 85th days after the first date of the suspension to make a manual payment to renew the account for 30 days.  You have changed to $15 plan, so, it will just cost you $15 for those 30 days.  After you make the payment, make sure you see clearly that the account status is changed to ACTIVE.  If not, you will either have to open ticket with PM support or come and seek help here
  5.  Make note of that date, again, the account will be active for 30 days only and will be suspended again after the 30 days.  Make note of the date it got suspended again
  6.  As autopay is disabled, it won't renew after those 30 days.
        I hope you will be back by then. You just need to change the plan back to the one you want and then reactivate
       If you still not back to Canada by the end of that 90 days, then come back NO LATER than 85th date and repeat from step 4 again

Mayor / Maire

HI @lxw2005 


yes, you can, but you don't cancel your account for a few month, you just need to remove Pre-authorized payment and suspend it for no more than 90 days