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Thinking of switching to 4G from 3G for my cell phone

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Has anyone here switched from a 3 G account to a 4 G account.

Have you actual noticed a difference in speed?  And is it an inprovement?

At this time I actual don't mind the 3 G it doesn't seem to effect video quality at all and I never get any buffering.

So I am wondering if it will be worth the upgrade.

Someone post in an other topic that in major centres, we end up on a 4 G tower anyway even when we have 3 g account? If we have a phone set for LTE? 

4G is supoose to be up to 30 times faster but if I don't even get a 1/2 mb per second  15 mb doesn't seem that fast, and I am not sure weather its worth it.?


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

but if for the same price, I would e.g. $40 paid for 5GB on 3G vs 5GB on 4G... 🙂

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Well I went to the 4 G  been on it now for 3 days. speed is only 7 times faster. So I went from a 1/2 mb to 3.5 mb.

At these speed it wasn't work switching.

@Bullet77 wrote:

I started to look into the 4G and found that Publics monthly fee is identical to that of Koodo's plans. I thought Public would be at least a dollar or two cheaper?

There was a time when Koodo's offering were better than Public Mobile's. Public Mobile is supposed to be the less expensive brand yet there were scenarios with Koodo Mobile customers were getting a better deal.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I started to look into the 4G and found that Publics monthly fee is identical to that of Koodo's plans. I thought Public would be at least a dollar or two cheaper?

To me, the speed difference is very noticeable. It's not the old 4g speeds of years ago (that were much better), but it's a more enjoyable experience even for basic web browsing.  As to whether the 4g plans are worth spending more, this would also depend on the price difference. I believe that the $40 and higher 3g plans now serve no purpose in the plan lineup.

Mayor / Maire

I switched and it was a big difference for me. maybe your area is handling the throttle well. in the past the throttle was good, but in this area it has degraded a lot. it is not 15mb it is 60mb+ 

Mayor / Maire

I would not bother since anyway you have limited data and cannot justify speed when downloading something.

It is like driving 120km/h or 180km/h. Yes it is faster but irrelevant.

I NEVER had issue with 3G speed nor I need faster (on the phone).

Mayor / Maire


From those customers who have switched from "3G" to "4G" plans nearly all have reported a significant difference in their data speed and overall are very happy to have switched. The most common complaint has been waiting for their data to be unthrottled which takes up to 48 hours to occur.


How do you use your mobile data affects how much of a difference you may see. If you use a lot of apps or visit sites that have a lot of video content or HD image resolution for your gamer then it will make a big difference. But if you're mostly reading email or using the public mobile site here on the community then it's not going to make all that much difference.


I have two accounts and for 3 years now I've been able to use both full speed 4G LTE data and throttled 4G LTE data otherwise known as "3G" data. For my normal daily use of mobile data it makes no real difference but there are times I can notice a difference as web pages will load faster and performance is snappier. But I personally wouldn't pay more because I just don't use that much mobile data.


So unless you have a grandfathered legacy plan that you could not get back if you change plans then you may want to really consider the change to a "4G" plan or if you were going to pay significantly more like switching from the $25/1gb plan to the $37.50/2gb plan. But if you're switching from the $40/5gb plan to the $45/6gb plan then why not switch and try out the faster data speed for 30 days.


There's not much of a cost difference and you can truly see whether you would benefit from that change. That's the beauty of public mobile you can schedule a change plan on next renewal and if you don't like it schedule a plan change back to a 3G plan.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Bullet77   If it works.. your happy.. leave it as it is.. long time customer here. 3 g has always fulfilled what I need on my cell phone.. peoples needs are different but for me have had 0  issues with 3 g.. 

Mayor / Maire

It's a legacy of stupid marketing terminology. This place is 4G LTE. The legacy is that they throttle that speed down and call it 3G Speed. It's not 3G HSPA. But you can also choose to change your phone to use 3G HSPA. But then you wouldn't have the better latency of 4G. It would be a bit faster though. So if you were to change to a fully 4G plan then you would get the faster speed with 4G.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

yes it does 4G is faster