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The website and service are so bad

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I need help, my sim card is Public Mobile, payment lapsed due to website not working, I want to get service again and use my existing sim, how do I do that, ordering a new som is impossible because I'm going up be traveling


Mayor / Maire

@Allann   If your account was lapsed long enough that it was deactivated as @Sansan  explained and therefore you do need a new PM sim you can get one from a corporate Telus/Koodo store (call ahead to check stock). It would also likely be quicker from Amazon than direct from PM since you don't have much time.  Ordering from PM can take from days to weeks by regular mail. But this won't be necessary if your account is just suspended for less than 90 days in which case your current sim should still work.

If you're still having problems you can private message customer service for help using this link 

An agent will reply at the envelope icon top right or tap your avatar for Messages if you don't see an envelope.

Mayor / Maire

If service have been suspended then a payment is required to resume services.  If you cannot log into your account, you also have the option to call *611 if you know your account PIN and make a payment that way. You can also call

1855 4public from another phone to make payment. 

Payment Vouchers can also be purchased at most gas stations  or Shoppers, or Walmart.  They can then be loaded onto the account to resume services. 

You don't need a new SIM unless account was suspended for more than 90 days.  If so, account would no longer be valid and you would have to start fresh with new number, plan  email and SIM.

Ordering a SIM card can be done through the account by clicking on Subscription and Add-On once account is updated.

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