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The $55 Student Plan Ship has sailed...

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Well it looks like those who did not schedule a change plan on next renewal to the $55 student plan or have not activated yet have lost their opportunity to take advantage of this great deal.


Following the lead of other providers who have removed 20 GB plans priced between $55 and $60 on October 3rd and 4th public mobile removed the plan. Only Virgin Mobile currently has a similarly priced plan still available.


One of my referrals lucked out as they had asked me to change their plan when reactivating their account to the $55 plan. So even though I hit a snafu when doing so customer support fixed the error and assigned the $55 plan to their account yesterday morning..... Just in the nick of time!


The original 4G plans that were available in July when they launched "4G" service plans are back.

  • $55/8gb
  • $60/10gb
  • $65/15gb

These are much less appealing. It's so nice to see that the big three continue their coordinated marketing practices.... Forbearance is working so well to increase competition in our marketplace now isn't it?🤔🤪👎


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A strategically sent private message late in the day and an online presence through the evening can often elicit a response from our regular overnight CSA who can be when possible amenable to working with you instead of against you. YMMV of course!

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Can confirm 



Thanks for the tag - I really appreciate the effort you put in here.


On the one hand it's "if you don't ask the answer is always no", and if I had that screen shot I'd already gone for it.

On the other side I've had some CSA interactions over the last half year or so that made it quite clear that even with documentation they choose to not act in good faith anymore. Showing up with just my word that I initiated the plan change but the according confirmation is not on my account anymore? They'll point out that I'm an idiot and have a good laugh with their co-workers.

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@Icc   Oh're right your whole thread has been removed.  I only remember because I responded in that thread since a CSA had posted in your thread with incorrect information that the plan was only for students. 


Hopefully, my response to the CSA pointing out that the plan was available to all even though it was marketed as a "student plan", didn't get the thread removed as I don't remember anyone posting anything that would get the whole thread removed.  Even then, usually the offending post is removed and not a legitimate concern about not getting a SIM delivered in time to take advantage of the $55 plan before it was removed, IIRC, your thread being about. 

@wetcoaster   According to another customer who posted with a similar concern to yours regarding the scheduled plan change to the discontinued $55 plan, they submitted a ticket to customer support and were assured that they will get the plan change as scheduled later this month.  So fingers crossed you will too.. 😊


Here's their post:

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I had a complaint about this as well, but they removed my thread I think. I guess they don't need the customers. 

@darlicious @dabr @hTideGnow 


The problem is that I don't have proof that I scheduled that plan change.

The current plan renewed early on September 25 (whatever the current renewal times are...)

I clicked on change plan on next renewal in the evening on September 26, before dashing out to a meeting, forgetting to take the screen shot (and not logging in after that to do so until yesterday).

I know, it's was a stupid oversight on my part and I should have known better. But without the screenshot I have no grounds to stand on to make a claim to this plan. It would be my word against the CSA's and we know how that is ending.


I'd guess that I checked that account shortly after 9:00am PDT yesterday when the plan change block, that I'm sure was there last week, was gone with no intervention whatsoever on my part.


Since my account is active with my old plan, that banner ad is not showing up - as mentioned elsewhere it seems to be on suspended accounts only, and only leading to the plan selector, where the referenced plan is no longer available.

@wetcoaster   I also think if you had sceduled the plan change before PM removed (yesterday?) the so called student plan, then it should have happened or be honoured and agree with @darlicious that you should be discussing this with CSA's especially if PM's policy/wording on the changing plans at next renewal hasn't been updated to suggest that it wouldn't be honoured if the plan being changed was discontinued by the renewal date.


I just logged into the suspended account again and the sweet deal offer for the discontinued plan is still there.  I think this type of advertising is very misleading and almost deceitful if they have no intention of actually honouring the deal being promoted in the self serve account.



HI @wetcoaster   I think if you have scheduled a plan change earlier, you should open ticket with PM and push for them to honour it.  Afterall, they should. There is no disclaimer saying "Your plan will only be changed if the plan you picked still avaialble that day".. they should honour it.  Or give you a free 12 GB bonus data per cycle   🙂

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Thanks for mentioning the announcement I completely missed it or maybe that was kind of purposeful? What time of day did you log into your account yesterday to notice that your schedule plan change was missing?


I'm curious because while my referral was not a scheduled plan change instead it was a snap decision when I had prompted them that they needed to reactivate before deactivation occurred on October 4th. My snafu was my unfamiliarity with an account suspended for non-payment versus lost/stolen? And even then the parameters of reactivation have also changed with the new self-serve accounts and I've run into a few issues reactivating suspended plans.


Anyhow I had planned on reactivating the account at 9:01 p.m. pacific on October 3rd which is in public mobile time October 4th. In my preparation I changed credit cards and made a Top-Up payment of $55 about an hour or so before 9pm pacific with the intention of changing the plan immediately to the $55 plan at 9:01 p.m. there is no indication on my invoice or otherwise on the account when I made the top up payment that I had or would be reactivating the current plan at the same time.


Since accounts I've reactivated that had a balance that exceeded the plan amount did not automatically reactivate when removing lost/stolen and had to be forced to take payments I had assumed the same thing would occur when I chose to make a Top-Up payment only rather than using the reactivate plan button to pay and reactivate.


So while I was deciding on scheduling the change plan on next renewal and then reactivating just to be safe in case the $55 plan was removed at midnight eastern it was only once I decided to schedule it that I saw the renewal date had changed to November! I backtracked to discover that I had in fact reactivated the plan. After I string of profanity I sent off a message to public mobile customer support asking that they change the plan to the intended $55 plan. That occurred yesterday morning.


So I am wondering when it was actually removed from self-serve selection? And whether or not it is still selectable by customer support?


Also the banner ad shown in the announcement thread by @dabr is worth arguing for the ability to still have the plan scheduled to change on your next renewal as it is advertised as available. That should fall under the competition bureau of Canada legislation requiring a business to honour such marketing. If you really want the $55 student plan I think it would be worth escalating a support ticket in regards to that banner ad.

Thanks for the tag, @dust2dust



As mentioned in the announcement thread, I scheduled the plan change at next renewal last week, and I'm absolutely sure that I saw it show on my account page. While I should have known better, I was in a rush and didn't take a screen shot right then and there and later forgot. So I have zero chance to even make a case to still get it  - when I checked that account yesterday morning after reading the announcement, the plan change blurb had been deleted, the math on the payment tab indicating that the plan will renew on the current plan.


There are only two parties that have access to that account - PM and me, so no accidential actual user interferrence that could happen with "account managed for someone else". Which makes it look quite deliberate, whether programmed accordingly, or manually by a human.

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@darlicious I'm hoping in the future they'll get a $45 10 GB 4G speed promo plan, that would be a instant switch for me!

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Removed but now those plans are back!

@computergeek541- mmmm...I think the issue is the scheduled plan change and then that plan gets removed and then the scheduled change doesn't happen. Or maybe in the case of this OP, they got a different plan.

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Purposely? Or is it just another glitch? I haven't checked yet but unless they have changed their help articles Public Mobile still promises that you can change to an expired plan as long as it's already been scheduled. There was this issue that occurred to a couple of my referrals back when public mobile introduced provincial calling again in the spring of 2021. They had both scheduled a change plan on next renewal to the $15 plan before suspending their accounts. When they went to reactivate the scheduled plan change had disappeared and they were stuck with the $15 provincial calling only plan..... Luckily not for long as public mobile back pedaled 6 weeks later.

@dust2dust wrote:

We've so far seen two reports of the scheduled plan change not working. One is long time member @wetcoaster . Seems the company may have stopped allowing holding the plan for the next renewal after the plan is removed.

I haven't heard anything about a policy change, but in wetcoaster's case, I do wonder if this has anything to do with Self Serve's 'cart" system.  That system has only been in place since July and with the exception of the discintuation of some 4g plans that no longer made sense after the introduction of the $55/20GB plan (nobody would have want those removed plans because they included less than the $55/20GB plan), I don't recall any other plans that were removed.

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We've so far seen two reports of the scheduled plan change not working. One is long time member @wetcoaster . Seems the company may have stopped allowing holding the plan for the next renewal after the plan is removed.