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Texting issue

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Currently I am unable to send text messages 


Mayor / Maire


Both iMessage and Chat Features require a wifi connection or data enabled to send/receive texts.

  • if iMessage and you are out of data for your current cycle be sure to have SMS and MMS enabled in the settings of your device.
  • if you are using android and you use Chat Features, then I suggest you turn that off, as it requires wifi or data to send/receive texts.

Disable your Chat Features: 

  1. Open Messages
  2. Tap More options > Settings > Chat features
  3. Turn Enable chat features off

Otherwise try:

  • restart your phone
  • toggle into and out of airplane mode
  • perform a Reset of the device's Network Settings
  • move your sim card to another phone to see if services works
  • manually select the 3G / WCDMA ONLY network in your Mobile Connections area in your settings (temporarily) to see if services work

@Handy1  LoL.. no worry, I was checking if OP has another post.  and you know, with some people have a new profile since they cannot get back the old one, I thought OP has raised the question before.

no worry  🙂



@softech  Testing some pics I made up .. making sure work n deleted why I never tagged OP 


@Victoria24   voice and data both work?

are you on Android or iPhone?

and are you sending SMS text or iMessage/RCS?  if iMessage/RCS, you need mobile data turned on, confirm if you are sending SMS or not.  You can tell by the colour


Mayor / Maire




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