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Terrible long distance quality

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

So I bought the 1000 minutes US add on. 

In the morning I called the US government for an issue.


The quality of the phone call was so terrible, with lag, random loud noises, random disconnections... it was like calling someone on a submarine at the other corner of the globe.


Poor lady on the phone had to put up with it and it was just a terrible experience. I can't imagine it's on their end, since it's a dedicated international government phone line that everyone uses. 


What gives? I'm in Quebec.



Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Have you tried again to see if it's still an issue? 

Mayor / Maire



Why blame PM? And not the other end?. 

In BC and called Washington State last night, mobile phone to mobile phone, issues!

As mentioned a call centre or at home office with crappy head set or head set not adjusted properly. 



Mayor / Maire



Depending on the nature of the receiving end of the call, if they were part of a call-center type environment with a headset, it is not uncommon for calls to those sounding like an echo or with random background noise coming through their microphone.


Those experiences can be very situational dependent. (i.e  # of staff and proximity to each other)


I've had situations where a representative on the other line changing their headset has made a difference.

Mayor / Maire

@foneguy perhaps it was just that one time connection. To better test, It'd be nice to know if you could call that same number from another line or provider. 

Or can you try calling other US numbers and see if you hear the same results. 

Could be a one off. 

Mayor / Maire

@foneguy  Could be weather related , it’s same towers Telus uses 

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