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Temporary Voicemail Greeting While Abroad

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi all,


I am currently out of the country for a few months and have switched to using a European number. I'd like to change my answering machine greeting to a temporary greeting saying I am unreachable at my Public Mobile number and telling people to contact me by email or with my German Number. It should be possible to do this from a different phone, by accessing my voicemail remotely:


However, I have forgotten my voicemail password and none of the provided ways to switch it will work for my situation. from abroad to redirect callers to my German phone number.


Moderators, is there a way I can access my voicemail from overseas and set this up?


The help is appreciated.

- Simon


Mayor / Maire

There's another way into the voicemail system You'll still need your pin. Normal dialing to 1-778-580-4001 (with your exit code in front)

Adding - not the IVR

Mayor / Maire


You may also want to suspend your public mobile services so you do not have to pay for a service when you are not in the country.


You should be able to suspend via lost/stolen on or before midnight eastern on day 30 of your cycle. This should keep your voicemail active without having to pay for your plans services. I did have a glitch last time I suspended my service however that was the first time I had suspended my own account and it required users to enter my phone number once they reach the voicemail messaging system rather than it going directly to my voicemail.


This did occur on the $10 50/50 legacy plan which is now the unlucky $13 plan so that may have had something to do with this glitch as every other time that I have suspended an account via lost/stolen it was on a $15 or more plan. I will be able to test this out again by September 14th (I believe) to confirm that this option still works correctly.


Or actually I could probably test it in another day if I feel like arguing with customer support to get my rewards applied manually after I resume service via lost/stolen. I will update your thread if I choose to do this in the next day or two.


You can suspend your service for up to 90 days before it will be canceled  and deactivated. It is recommended that you reactivate by day 85 or so so that if there are any issues with reactivating you have time to contact customer support to assist you in this matter. If you're away for a longer period of time you can suspend again via lost/stolen and reactivate again after 85 days.

Mayor / Maire


Mayor / Maire


You can reset your voicemail password by going to that function in your self-serve account. You will then have to call your public mobile phone number and press star when the voicemail picks up and enter the temporary password you can then reset your voicemail pin number.

Mayor / Maire

You will have to get in touch with agent to change your PIN in order for you to access vmail.


To contact CSA-agent, there are 2 methods:

If ticketing does not work very first time, contact agent directly.

- Send a private message to the CSA - agent by clicking Here

Watch for envelope in top right corner of Community page. It will show Number of unread emails.