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Switching plans to 4G - How it affects rewards

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi Community! 


I had a quick question, Im currently on a 3G plan with the old reward system. I see the offer for the Lunar new year and am considering switching to that plan. Will my old reward system remain active or will it auto-switch me to the new system? I would prefer to stay with the old reward system. 


Thank you and I look forward to hearing back! 🙂 

 Stay warm!! 


Mayor / Maire

HI @taherkhan  No effect on Rewards


Change plan won't affect your rewards system.  You will still be on the old rewards after plan change

Rewards system have to be changed by yourself, won't be triggered by other changes

Mayor / Maire



there is absolutely no correlation between the plan you are on, and the old reward system vs new reward system that public mobile offers.


Indeed, when public mobile markets their plans, they talk about the current in market reward system, which is the public point system.


Don’t be fooled by that reference into believing you need to switch to it, you definitely don’t.

Mayor / Maire

@taherkhan  it won’t affect your rewards you keep auto pay friend referral and loyalties rewards there tied to account not your plan . So go ahead and make plan change that suits you best 


edit I myself recently switched to this very plan also and can confirm you keep existing rewards just make sure to change plan on renewal / not immediately 

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