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Switching Public Mobile Plans

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

This has been asked before but I can't find the answer. If I change plans within PM do I lose my earned add-ons and/or my monthly discounts? I want to change from the old $40 15GB 5G plan to the promotion $40 30GB 4G plan because I don't have a 5G phone and may as well enjoy the extra data. Thanks.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I came to Public Mobile to get away from a 1 GB/month plan for retired Telus employees. I am a very light user so that 1 GB lasted me for years until I took a one month RV trip and because I tethered my laptop to my phone, I blew through my data in a week. Topping up was expensive so I quickly switched to PM and have been very happy with their service and price. I can never see using 30 GB, let alone more. My phone is a Samsung S7 Edge that was handed down from my son about 5 years ago. It is not capable of 5G but is working great and does everything I need it to do. As long as it keeps working, I will hang onto it. Thanks everyone for all the help and advice.

@Phil_Adelphus Absolutely, you're effectively getting rollover data for 3 months, which could be viewed as a pro if you're able to manage the allotment properly.

And yes, you can change on renewal, but you're losing out on whatever time you have to wait. And that doesn't help at all if you're trying to port out to another carrier for a limited time offer.

Point being there are pro and cons. I personally think $5 isn't enough savings, but when you start seeing $10 and $15 savings per 30 days, that's more incentive to consider a 90 day subscription. But to each their own of course.

@DennyCrane  But you can select change on renewal if a better plan comes along so as not to lose what you've paid for.   I like the 90 day plans because you get all the data up front and it lasts the whole 90 days whereas the 30 day plans don't "roll over" the data but that's just what works for me.

 @Croft from your description, you did select 90 days when given the option of 30 or 90?  Because the way the 90 day plans typically work is that you just pay 3 times the lower rate, you don't pay the higher 30 day amount to start with.

@Croft Ah yes, good point.

Do consider though, you're effectively signing a 90 day contract. If a better deal comes along you won't be able to change plans without forgoing everything you've already prepaid for 90 days. Or if you decide to port out, you don't get any refund. While not the end of the world, I personally don't think that's worth the $5 savings every 30 days.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

The plan I chose is actually only $34 / month in the end. It is $39 to start and $5 per month off when I do the 90 day thing bringing it down to $34. The plan you referred to does not seem to offer this 90 day option.

Mayor / Maire

Why don't you switch to the $40/60GB plan instead? You don't need a 5G phone to take advantage of a 5G plan.


Mayor / Maire

@Croft  On an unlimited 5G plan the bonus data add-ons are put on hold but stay on the plan, just can't be used.  Otherwise you don't lose anything.  Where do you see a $40 30GB 4G plan?  On the couple of provinces I looked at I only saw a $40 30GB 5G plan (Quebec).  Elsewhere there is a $40 50GB 5G plan ($34 x 3 for the 90 day version).  You don't need a 5G phone to get good speeds on a 5G plan, are you finding the speeds not what you were expecting?

Mayor / Maire

You did not search long enough through this forum 🙂

I myself answered that question about zillion times, LOL.

Your rewards and add-on are tied up with your account - NOT plan. So you can change plan if you wish every 30 days and rewards will stay the same. Loyalty, autopay, etc. Same as add-ons (unless you have add-on with expiry date).

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