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St. Pierre and miquelon

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi, does St. Pierre and Miquelon require and travel plan when you live in Newfoundland ?  Is there any coverage?   Thanks


Mayor / Maire

St. Pierre and Miquelon may be part of France (+33), but they have their own phone country code (+508), which I tested just now is not included in Public Mobile's international long distance add-on, at least with the "$0 Free Holiday Giveaway: 400min INTL Long Distance (incl CA & US)" which should be the same.


I tried calling a bakery there "Boulangerie Beck" phone number (+508 41 25 75), and got the usual "Sorry, talk is not included in your current plan."


Public Mobile "may" work if you travel there. It's close enough to Newfoundland you might still pickup a bell tower from the shore, as previously posted.


There might be local SIM purchase options, but might be expensive, since my reading indicates they only have a satellite uplink to France for phone service to the islands.

Mayor / Maire

Stay Safe!

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi there - does anyone know if i can call St. Pierre and Miquelon with international minutes package. It is part of France but a directorate so I am not sure??

@clasha wrote:

Hi, does St. Pierre and Miquelon require and travel plan when you live in Newfoundland ?  Is there any coverage?   Thanks


Mayor / Maire

@clasha Bell has a site in Point May, NL. I'm not sure if the signal would reach St. Pierre and Miquelon or not.


It's not clear if French operators are available there. Let us know what you find out!


Update: here's some anecdotal info from 2010. Apparently Bell's coverage is spotty, so you might be fine!!topic/nf.general/PWl9F91WSVM



"I was down there for 4 or 5 days last summer, save for one or two occasions/locations I was always able to get coverage on my Bell BlackBerry. Reception was very clear and data worked fine as well. Hope that helps."



"I was in St. Pierre last year with my BELL cell phone ;o) and it worked, but
the signal wasn't great. In some areas it didn't work, but if I headed down
near the harbour the coverage was fine."

Mayor / Maire

@clashaI don't think Public Mobile would work outside Canada / US no matter how close. Since they are french territory, you will need to get their local providers.

Mayor / Maire

Stay Safe!