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Sim invalid

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
  • Bought a sim card plugged the number into the app registration and when I go to log in the app it asked me to validate txt witch I can't because the sim reads invalid ???  Ideas

Mayor / Maire

Hi @Myamundreon 

After you reboot the phone as per @BKNS27 and you try logging back in to the app, it till try to send you a 6 digit 2FA code. If you're not getting it, then try having it sent to the email you signed up with. Here's how.

How to receive 2FA code via Public Mobile Phone app

Download the app via WiFi and sign in using the email you signed up with.


Click on the Didn’t get the code? Before you do though, check the box on This is a trusted device so you never have to be asked for the 2 step again on the phone.

The next window that comes up is this.


You can choose either Send Email which will go to the email you registered with or Send Voice Message meaning it will call your number and ask you to push buttons. 

Mayor / Maire


Reboot your phone by powering off then back on.

If that failed then it could be a provisional issue with the SIM. To correct this, you will need to contact a CS_Agent by private messaging at: 

Mayor / Maire

@Myamundreon  Please submit ticket with support 

send a  private message   To CS_Agents click          

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