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Rewards vs Points

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hello everyone, now that all public mobile customers are being forced to move to points we are loosing our rewards for loyalty, pre-paying and so on. My bill has gone up almost 10/month and I have to accumulate points to to get a discount on my bill and its nowhere close to what I had before!!! How is this system better? Not for me it isn't, and I cant be the only one. Much better for public mobile $$$$$$$, and it really shows how loyal they are to there long standing customers under the rewards system. Public Mobile you should be ashamed in this day and age when people are struggling you go and pull this Cra&%$. Cell plans are ridiculously expensive in Canada compared to all other nations and your making a killing, bring back the rewards and give us the break we signed up for in the first place. Are any other public mobile customers experiencing this to???


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hello Again, just wanted to respond and say thank you. Also I did put in a complaint to the CCTS this morning.

Mayor / Maire


When you've got a day or two to spend reading, have a look at this thread from hundreds (maybe even in the thousands...) of Public Mobile customers completely frustrated with the change.

They announced it quite some time ago and it's the single most read and commented item in Public Mobile's history.

Mayor / Maire

Hey @DL66 

FYI NOBODY from Public Mobile is here nor do they read these boards. That's why they pay $20 a month to Oracles to maintain their boards. But you're right. Not a great way to treat loyal members. You should file a complaint with the CCTS to voice your conerns.

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