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Receive copy of receipt by email

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hello, how can i receive copy of the receipt by email? I think it is not a fair practice to charge a credit card without sending receipts. Yes, I know I can view receipt online. However, should I not be notified of a charge when it is being made?

It is a basic practice among wireless vendors, sending an email receipt or invoice when the charge occurs.

Hope you'll add this functionality. Thanks, Tim


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

hi @Tiamo2 

email receipts/invoices are usually sent by tier 1 & 2 providers (rogers fido, bell virgin, telus koodo). Those are postpaid plans, which means you'll get a statement at the end of each month and it allows for some time before you pay it. PM is prepaid, so you pay the full charge upfront otherwise they suspend your plan.

Hope that helps

Mayor / Maire

HI @Tiamo2  download receipts are so common now.  I think there are some out there won't send you an email about a receipt is ready for you to download anyway.  And PM is prepaid, so,  it not the same as other postpaid provider.  Postpaid need to make you aware of the invoices as you need to go and pay ,and the charge could be different (overage)

Mayor / Maire

@Tiamo2  As you’re already aware , yes you can view it online but you can also download them now if needed . Which is a new feature that wasn’t available to us before the new update . We had to contact support for that . So this is a welcomed change for many users .

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Tiamo2 I think what you're asking for is reasonable except PM is not a tier 1 provider so you'll have to expect fewer frills with this lower cost service.  It was only with this latest web update that we can download receipts at all so I wouldn't expect to have functionality to allow email of receipt any time soon.  If it's a requirement for you to have an emailed receipt I think you'll need to go with another provider.

You may have functionality with your credit card provider that you're notified whenever you have a charge placed against the card.  If you're just looking for an alert, this may be another option.


@Tiamo2 sorry, PM is a self server provider and hence not sending the receipt.

However, do you know that you can now download official receipt form Payment History yourself?
Just go to My Account, Payment History page On each renewal, you will see "Download Receipt" on the far right.  You can download it now yourself


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