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Receive Text Messages Overseas

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hello and Good Morning,

I am traveling to Asia for a few months and I wanted to receive only incoming text messages sent from Canada on my public mobile number.

I will not be needing data or making phone calls and I will not be sending text messages - I just would like to receive the text messages.

Is it possible to configure the SIM card to receive text messages outside Canada without having to sign up for roaming services?

Kind Regards,


Mayor / Maire

Then you can leave the sim in a phone at home and install a text forwarding app and forward texts to the Textnow number. When you reply it will be from the Textnow number but at least you got the text.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

@softech - thank you so much for your prompt suggestion - I appreciate it very much, cheers


@dsleewo1   sorry, PM does not have any roaming service outside of USA, so you won't receive text on your phone when you are in Asia

Workaround is to get a VoIP app TextNow.  TextNow give you another 10 digits number for people to send you text or even call you.  you can reply and make calls using TextNow just like a phone, except you use the app and you need Mobile data or Wifi

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