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Receipt typo

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Couldn't figure out how to make a non-question post. If this appears as a question, ignore that.


Addon purchase receipts ("INVOICE") contain "Your Reciept" instead of "Your Receipt". (Elsewhere, it's spelled correctly: "please keep this receipt for your records".)


Mayor / Maire


Lol.... Nice spotting! There's more than one spelling mistake on the website and self-serve accounts. They will probably remain there till the next time they overhaul the self serve accounts. I haven't noticed but did they correct the spelling of reactivate?

Mayor / Maire

Spellcheck wasn't working that day in the development department I guess @jeno😁

Submit a ticket to CSA, maybe they will make the change. But, really, I could live with that typo over other improvements that would be great to have done.