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Purchased 3GB US Data (15d) Doesn't Work

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Purchased 3GB US Data (15d) and it didn't work. Didn't even connect to AT&T network. 27 bucks down the drain. And it expires too!



Got an iphone? Were you connected to ship wifi? Were you sailing through Canadian waters when it would work?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Yes, it was in Alaska. I got the refund as a credit. Oddly texting worked on a ship.


per chance were you in Alaska ? The roaming app will not work at all in that state. Send a private message to a CSA using this link. They'll likely credit your PM account.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Yes of course had Data on and Roaming On. I only saw the AT&T network but it wouldn't connect or work. There was no T-Mobile network that I could see.

I will reach out to the CS_Agent.

Mayor / Maire


PM has a contact with T-Mobile and not AT&T. Don't know why you want to connect to AT&T.

Contact a CS_Agent by private messaging on your computer on the envelope icon for a credit.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Did you have Data Roaming and Roaming Settings enabled? 

I always thought Public Mobile used T-Mobile when in the United States. 

If you Add-on wasn't used as a result of Public's error, I'm sure the customer service agent will be able to remove it and give you a refund in Account Credit. 

Have you already reached out to the CS_Agent?

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