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Public Mobile Refer a Friend Promo - $25 or $35?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Public Mobile recently sent this text about a $25 refer-a-friend promotion.  ($5 each month for 5 months).

Will my friend still get the initial $10 bonus plus the $25 for a total of $35?  Or just the $25 during this sale?



@Danmal59- When was the activation that the referral code got used? The $5 is said to appear during the first week of each month after activation. It appears as a credit that will then go towards your next renewal or you could buy add-ons.

HI @Danmal59   the first $5 was credit to My Account on the 2nd week of Sept

There is no second payment of the $5 yet, it should be on the first week of Oct


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

How come I didn’t got my $5 credit on the second bill. When will it show?

@jtmshum    There is no special code to use for this offer, but if you know someone who wants to activate a new account with PM, then as long as the account is activated by 30th Sept., you and your referral will both receive $5 (probably starting in Oct.) over the next 5 months as long as the referral account stays active for that period.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I got this text but I don't know how to get the code with this special offer


Mayor / Maire

They will get it all, just be diligent as when I did a few months back for same promo, there was mixed signals and I was told the person i referred wouldnt get the 10 just the 5 x5 and I wouldnt receive my 1/1 until after the 5 months was up, I saw ppl indicating otherwise and after some long back and forth with a CSA I finally did get everything, they got the 10 +25 and I got 1 a month + 25 starting from month one.

Mayor / Maire

Your friend should get the $10 for using referral in 72 hours but usually the next day. 

The 5 x $5 should credit their account first on October 7 and the other 4 on the first Friday of every month. 


PM has done a poor job of posting:

Who is eligible 

When and time

How it is credited. 


But with no glitches...should work flawlessly. 


I am one the of unfortunate ones where the last one did not work. My first payment will be a month late and should arrive, automatically, on Oct 7. 

Mayor / Maire


Your friend will get both. $10 credit + $5 credit on the second bill and 4 months after. 
You will get $5 credit for 5 months plus $1/1 point credit every month.