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Public Mobile Offering Free Canada-Wide Talk Upgrade on 90-Day 3G Plans

Mayor / Maire

If you’re a Public Mobile customer on a 90-day plan with 3G data, take note the company is offering a free upgrade from unlimited province-wide talk to Canada-wide talk.

The custom plan calculator shows the same price on any 90-day plan when selecting either province-wide or Canada-wide talk, and a 3G data plan, as seen from the screenshots below:


Province vs Canada-Wide = Same Costs

Unfortunately this only applies to 3G data plans on 90-days and not those with an LTE plan. No word if this is an error or not, but it’s showing and so far users on Red Flag Deals have been able to switch over.

So this means if you’re on a 90-day plan with 3G data with Public Mobile, go edit your plan to switch to the free unlimited Canada-wide option for your next reload.

You could also double check with a moderator too, I guess!


Contacting Public Mobile is easy! Depending on the topic, there are several ways you can contact us.


If you have a general question regarding your account

(ie. account balance, renewal date, usage/payment history, add-ons etc)

You can find that information in your Self Serve account. To learn more about what you can do in Self Serve click here


If your general question can’t be addressed in Self Serve

Head to our Community and try the following three things:

  1. A good first step is to ask our friend Simon, our chatbot, your question by clicking on the Question Mark iconchat_icon.JPG found on the bottom right-hand side of the Community page. Simon can answer most questions regarding our products, promos and service and he will search through a list of comprehensive articles related to frequently asked questions in our Knowledge Base.

Tip: Simon is most useful when using keywords and not long phrases (ie. Porting, Promo, APN Settings etc.)


  1. If Simon can’t find the answer, your best bet is to use the search function on the Community and see if someone else had the same question answered before you - it’s as easy as Googling the weather!
  2. If your question wasn’t answered by Simon or by an existing post, post a topic on the Community and ask for help! Most questions posted on the Community are answered within 15 minutes or less - and you’re free to live your life in the meantime because there’s no waiting on hold. We have an engaged community ready to help you!

If you have a technical issue

(ie. you can’t receive calls, a feature isn’t working, or you need help with troubleshooting your device)

You can contact us through our Community Moderator Team here.  


Please note that our hours of Operation are 7 days a week, from

  • Mon-Friday 9am (EDT) to 9pm (EDT) and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9am (EDT) to 7:30pm (EDT)

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

The pricing change for 3G plans was also for 30 day plans the cost is now the same for 30 day and 90 day 3G plans


The pricing improvement you pointed out is not a typo.  It was clearly mentioned in this featured topic.  Those who are on 3G plans should future date the free upgrade.  

Mayor / Maire
  1. To verify this, click on 'Plans'
  2. Scroll down and past the 'Featured Plans' and 'Ready-Made Plans'
  3. Click on 'Build Your Own Plan' to see how the plans work from Province Wide to Canada Wide
  4. Have fun viewing the same costs for 3G service
  5. Change plans before the deal expires!