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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi there,


we recently signed up for public mobile and had a promo code but it was not applied to our account. Can you apply it now?





Mayor / Maire

@Crystal23 hi what promo code and when did you activate?



There was no advertised promo code recently on the Public mobile website. Some customers were using a facebook ad code. Not sure whether it is valid presently.  


If there was a valid promo code, you could contact customer service agent:

You will need to contact customer service agent (CSA):     

Type: unable to get a promo.  Follow the prompts to submit ticket.  


CSA may ask a few questions to verify account ownership and then should be able to help you. Response times can take a few hours.  Check your private message inbox (envelope in upper right corner of website).  

Mayor / Maire


It normally takes 72 hours for PM to add your promo bonus to your account.

There are 2 FB promo code for 2gb bonus, you can use but you need to enter your email address plus a minimum $25 or $35 plan. You have to use the same email address while activating the SIM.

Which promo code did you use?


If you entered your email and used the promo code and it was not in your account in 72 hours…you need to contact a CS_Agent to add it into your account.