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Active status of Add-Ons - Interpreting Spreadsheet Report

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Hi folks, 

Looking into data add-on for an upcoming trip to Toronto (from PEI).  I just posted a related question about this, my objective to pre-arrange the data add-on.


In this post, I'm wondering how to correctly interpret a section of spreadsheet/report which shows the status of my plan and add-ons. Here's a screenshot of that section.

PublicMobility_Add-ons Cropped.png

 According to this, it appears that I have "banked" some unused data via the various giveaways, bonuses, etc?  Given that the Status column shows "Active" I'm wondering how the Remaining Data gets used up if I arrange a data Add-on to cover my trip usage of data. Would these data categories shown be depleted first before the data being used on my trip? 


Help with whatever might be the correct interpretation of this information much appreciated!  Maybe I'm just whistlin' Dixie!    



Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

A deep bow to you @Dunkman and @RossN for helping me out with my question about the status of my data usage!  


Yeah, you're right, you've reminded me that I received those XMAS giveaways. 


You Community Forum folks are the best! 

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Haha!  Thanks so much @RossN for answering my question about add-on data status. You and that "oracle" @Dunkman on Mount Sinai just saved me some money!  


Hats off to you guys! 




Mayor / Maire

@bashley All of your bonus data will be depleted before any purchased add on data. 


Edit: after you use your plan data as outlined by @Dunkman 




Your plan's add on will always be used first. In your case, $15 plan includes 250 mb each 30 day cycle.  Once that is used up, then one of your promo add ons will be used first. Once the data is used up, then the add on will disappear. Except for the 10 day USA roaming packages, the rest of the add ons purchased at Public mobile have no expiry date.  


In your case, you have an extra 4GB data add on to use (from various XMAS giveaways) . As mentioned, you probably will not need to purchase any extra data for your trip. 

Mayor / Maire

@bashley hi you have 4 gigs, tons of data ready to use when you want,you don't seem to be a big user lol so if I were you I wouldn't worry about buying a data ad on, have fun in Toronto 😷