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Problem with the monthly package

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I already paid the 15$ subscriptions last month, this month I found out that they cut the price of more than 15$, I really don’t know what happened and I need an explanation please.


Mayor / Maire

You are saying you paid LESS than your plan cost?

Should not you be happy?!
No, PM did not cut nor lower plan cost. Some credits have been applied. It could be one time (referral credit) or you had plenty of credits (loyalty, community rewards, etc.).

Mayor / Maire

@Zohair  Did you use a friends refferal code when you joined ? If so that’s the one time $10 credit you got to use towards this renewal and only pay $5 . Next renewal will be $15 again . And be sure to keep an eye on your rewards portal once you have  15 points you can redeem $15 off your bill 

Mayor / Maire

hi @Zohair how much they charged you this . month?? remember you need to pay tax on top, so, if they charged you $15+tax, that is normal 

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