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Porting Number & Pausing Service

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hello everyone,


I have a question about porting my number and pausing service. I am a PM customer, but I just bought a new phone with a different provider. I am planning on porting my number to the new phone/company, then I will stay with that company for 90 days. After 90 days, I plan on buying out the phone and returning to PM.


My questions are: can I port my PM number to the new company and pause service with PM until I return in 90 days? Or will I lose my account once my number is ported? As well, will I lose my rewards if I port my number to the other company?


Thanks in advance for helping me out!


Mayor / Maire


I don't understand that logic. why not just buy out the phone from the actual company(apple, google, Samsung). you're spending more money for no reason...

Mayor / Maire

@jsIII    You could take a new number with the new provider if you plan on keeping your PM account after paying off the phone? 


You could let the PM account suspend (if you don't port out the number) and as long as you pay before the 90 days of account suspension is up (recommended around day 86), then your number and old rewards (if applicable) will remain.  You could also try forwarding the calls to the new account instead as already mentioned.

@wetcoaster   Yes, since the community forum was updated, the lagtime for refreshing the pages seems to take many seconds or minutes sometimes.  Plus it's much harder to keep up with new replies to older threads and the awful, unnecessary scrolling now required!

Mayor / Maire

How long have you been with Public Mobile?

As soon as you port out your account will close and you lose any remaining funds and rewards. If you are on the old rewards system you will not be able to get back to that once you are off it. *


I personally would look into forwarding calls to the new phone number.



* Edited to add that this is also true for grandfathered plans that are not offered anymore.


Second edit: Wow, page refresh is terrible here these days! Sorry for the repeat info.

Mayor / Maire


If your account is not Active over 90 days, the account is Closed, the SIM will be useless, and your will lose your number.

You can only port your number over when your account is Active and can ported back and forth.


You can port your number to another carrier only if the previous carrier will allow it. Some numbers can’t be ported but it is very slim.

Mayor / Maire

Simple answer is No.

As soon as you port out your PM number your PM account will be closed forever. To transfer number back you have to open brand new account and start from the scratch. Not good idea if you are old customer and participate in old ($) rewards and have loyalty, autopay and referral credit every 30 days.