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Porting Land Line to Public Mobile from Telus

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi All,


I have been having issues with porting my landline to public mobile.  I have received SMS on the new public mobile sim after activation but the SMS message said that there was a problem with the port.  I do not have access anymore to the land line as we have moved from our old place to a new place.  I have been trying to find customer support to call to have this issue fixed but I am having no luck.


My new sim works when I call out to numbers and it shows up as my old numbers, but I cannot receive any calls from other cellular phones, land lines calling my number seem to work, but not cellular phones.


Mayor / Maire



how long you have requested the porting? porting from landline usually take 7 days

Was your landline active when you requested porting?  You never calll the landline and cancel it , right?  You shoudn't.  The landline must be active for porting.  Once ported, it will be cancelled as part of the porting process


If the landline has been active, and you just cannot use to call or receive calls today or not long ago, try to reboot your PM phone once and see if it can receive calls


Also, there is a team you can call to confirm the porting status.  i will send you the number.  Please check your Community inbox and call the number 

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Here's how you can reach the CS agent.  All support is online so this is your best bet.


You can contact an agent using the chatbot.  Type "agent" and click contact us to go through the wizard.


If for some reason they don't respond to the ticket, you can try to send an email directly to the CS Agent here.


Here is a help article about how to contact the CS Agent.