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Points for Contests

Mayor / Maire

I see there are prizes back but they jacked most of them up to 2 points even though the reward points page still shows "Jackpot" as 1 point...I guess inflation leaks into even Public Points lol


Either way I was looking at the terms and conditions and it says you have to have an active account to USE the points but there is no mention of having an active account to receive the prize if you win.


The example they give is if you have points in your account and then your account is suspended due to non payment you cannot use those payment until you reactivate. So it looks like I can use my points for these new set of contests which run much longer than usual (looks like 5 months Dec to end of April) and even if I am gone by then I can still win them and be eligible. (let's get serious that won't be happening anyways since it is basically playing Lotto Max) So guess we will see bc then at least if I do move on in a couple weeks my points aren't wasted.


Mayor / Maire

Never opted to the new points, I was a PM customer for a few years and left bc of that sweet koodo migration offer 4 years back or so, was with koodo until early this year and rejoined but it was about 6 weeks after the reward deadline so had no choice but the new rewards, now getting another sweet koodo BF deal so going with that again until they suck again so will prob be back with PM in a year or 2 around BF or Boxing Day

We all know that compared to Rewards program, the Points rewards are ...well...underwhelming.

Having said that, PM is inexpensive enough and has the occasional freebies to keep me happy...for now. I do understand why someone would want to go elsewhere though. It is nice to have choices and options nowadays.

@hairbag1- He opted back to Public shortly after the points system came out. I guess he's leaving again.

Mayor / Maire

You opted OUT of Rewards huh ??

Another option for you...if you've been happy with PM in the past...hang around ! No rush to leave is there ?


punctuation 🙄