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Do these upgrades include unlimited US minutes

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

All plan options available to me do not explicitly state that my current unlimited US minutes will persist. Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 10.11.32 AM.png


Mayor / Maire

HI @jonch070  all current plans have no more unlimited US minutes.


if it is important to you and you currently have one, please keep you old plan 


However, you don't really need that, you can call US for free using VoIP app TextNow.  So, you can get new plan, but use TextNow to make all the calls to US for FREE


Mayor / Maire

PM does NOT offer free USA calling anymore. If you still have grandfathered plan including USA calling and you Need it, do not change your plan.

To call USA you would need to purchase appropriate USA calling add-on.

Mayor / Maire

@jonch070 hi there are no US minutes included with the new plan but we are going to receive 500 minute long distance for free this month 😁

Mayor / Maire



No it does not. It does have unlimited international texting. For calls to US you need to purchase an add on in self service.