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Plan did not change on renewal date

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Anyone else have a problem with the Black Friday promotion of $40 with 15 gb ??? 


I clicked “Change plan on renewal date.” A few days after my renewal date I checked back and saw my plan was not changed and I was kept on my old plan. 


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I had the exact same issue and can confirm that it is just a caching issue. Using Incognito mode I'm able to see that my plan is switched successfully.

Mayor / Maire


You can also look at your transaction history to see what your plan charges are:


  • 30 DAY PLAN.............$10
  • 15GB AT 4G SPEED...$30


Mayor / Maire

HI @ericnicholas416 this My Account has lots of problem with cache


you can clear cache and relaunch browser before checking My Account

or you can use Private or  Incognito mode to check , you will then see the correct plan

Mayor / Maire

@ericnicholas416   To see your current plan information, please login to your account using a browser in incognito or private mode first.

You were probably looking at old cached information before.   Try again.

Mayor / Maire



You might be looking at a cached version. Clear your browser cache and history and open a new window in incognito.