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Phone number and plan change

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hello, I'm seeking some advice from the knowledge folks here.


I have an old plan still under the old rewards system. I get $8 monthly. I would like to do two things:

1. Change my phone number now. This will be a transfer in from another carrier.

2. Change my plan to the promo $40 for 4G 15gb - set to activate on renewal date which is Nov 10


Is there an order in which I should do the above? Will the $8 rewards remain? How likely is it that things will go really wrong?


Thanks for any guidance on this and have a great day.




Mayor / Maire

1. You change phone number 4 times per 30 days

2. Switching plans will NOT affect your rewards. Rewards are tied up with Account, not plan.


Order should not matter; changing phone number should be immediate. Schedule plan change on next renewal and do not do change plane Now.

Mayor / Maire



Yes, you can do both actions and won't affect your current reward.  You will still stay on the old rewards system with those changes


order doesn't matter


1.  For porting, make sure the other account on the other provider is still active  You DON'T have to do anything to close that account.  Once the number is ported, that account will be closed.  

You request porting via My Account, Profile page and Change phone number, then request Transfer in.  It is better to use the Account number of the other provider as the porting information.

And remember to have the other provider sim card in a phone.  After you request porting, the other provider will send you a text and you need to reply YES.   

Then on PM side, reboot your phone every 30 mins until you receive incoming calls for that number on your PM sim card


2. it is better to schedule plan change on renewal date as unused date on the current plan will be forfeited if you choose Change plan now.  But there could be issue if PM pull this deal out before your scheduled plan change date.  It is true that PM should honour it anyway, but there had been argument in such case before  

Mayor / Maire


Doing all that in any order is the same.

Just schedule your plan change for your next renewal on Nov 10.

Meanwhile request your phone number transfer now from in your selfservice account.

All your $8 rewards and add ONS currently on your account will be safe too!

Don't worry.