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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

How I pay with closed account 


Mayor / Maire


dial 611 to see if the account is still valid...if Suspended for 90 days or more, your account has been deactivated. You'll need a new sim to start a new account and use a different email address too.

Mayor / Maire

@Jsturka  has the account been suspended more then 90 days ? If so the account closed you would need to create a new account with new SIM card and new email , picking a new number . If the account hasn’t been suspended more then 90 days you can buy payment vouchers and load them *611 to resume services right away 

Mayor / Maire


The biggest consideration is whether the account has been inactive for more or less than 90 days

If more than 90 days, it's kaput, there's no paying to reactivate it. 

If less than 90 days, you can log into self-serve and make a payment there or you can purchase a payment voucher available at many retail locations or you can use (though there is a fee associated with that)

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