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International toll-free calling - Public wants long-distance minutes to complete the call

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I'm trying to contact a Singapore hotel to inquire about an upcoming stay.  Unfortunately, the website does not have an email address listed publicly.  They do have a contact number that they specify is toll free, even though it is in the form of a local number (+65-xxx-xxxxx).  I tried to call this but the automated message from Public asks me to buy long-distance minutes first, which I don't want to do because the number claims to be toll free.  Is there any workaround to this, short of faxing the hotel (the only other means of contact on their page)?


Mayor / Maire

I guess if you try to call Singapore's toll-free number most likely it is Free for those in Singapore but not from other parts of the world. Somebody would still have to pay (no matter how small) long distance calls from half a world away.
Most likely you Have to use 300 international LD minutes.

Mayor / Maire


While there are limited toll free numbers that are truly international, most toll free numbers are accessible only within a certain region to callers within their region.

So for instance a toll free number in Canada would not be accessible by people calling from Singapore to here without an international calling add-on which includes Canada.

The same holds true for calling there.

If the toll free number advertises itself as an international toll free number, then it is accessible from anywhere in the world to that destination.

Alternately, @jcyu , you could use a VoIP calling app. 

Mayor / Maire


I think PM the toll free are referring to Canada and USA toll free numbers like 1-800, 1-866, 1-888 etc with a “1” in front and not toll free numbers in Singapore. The LD toll free may not apply.

Best to confirm with a CS_Agent by dm them at: 

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